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It is clear that children who participate in early keyboard instruction benefit in a number of ways. These children, for example, do better in math and science. Behavior and general reading levels have also been shown to improve." -D. Reardon, Principal

The appeal to young kids is genius, they are having so much fun they forget they're learning. Thank you for making piano exciting for my child." -Sarah Kennedy, Parent

About MusIQ Club

MusIQ Club is an enriched after school group music program that provides convenient access to a comprehensive, affordable and fun instrumental music education.

In MusIQ Club, students learn the language of music and develop performance skills, progressing from level to level each term.

How It Works

MusIQ Club's group music program made possible by music and piano software Children's Music Journey A powerful combination of traditional teaching methods and sophisticated interactive software tools facilitate both the group lesson and home practice.

Comprehensive programming and proven music pedagogy are delivered in a social setting, creating a fun and motivating music learning experience.

Results Focus

Each year, students advance from level to level, quickly developing music reading, composition, and playing skills. Recent studies show strong relationships between these skills and developmental benefits in areas such as math, science, reading, and behavior.

Convenient Times, Convenient Locations

Older music students use best piano software Adventus Piano Suite PremierTypically, weekly MusIQ Club classes happen after school, before school, or during lunch.

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