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MusIQ Club is the foremost piano and music rudiment program for elementary students that I have ever run." -Eric Allen, Elementary Teacher and Primary Education Curriculum Specialist

My students run to their MusIQ Club session, and even the most active kids are completely engaged for the entire lesson." It's remarkable. -Rob Collins, Elementary music teacher

MusIQ Club is an excellent piano program. Kids love it. Parents love it. It has added tremendous value to my class." -Catherine Loftin, Maestro-Award music teacher

MusIQ Club is an excellent tool to introduce children to music theory and concepts. It's so wonderful when a child doesn't want to leave when the lesson is up." -Mary Brown, MusIQ Club teacher

I bet that a lot of youngsters will enjoy using the program, without realizing that they are having 'music lessons'." -Janet Dowsett - Yamaha Club Magazine

In-school Opportunity

MusIQ Club enables your students to participate in an enriched group music and piano program weekly for one hour after school, before school or during lunch.

Small Group Interaction

A maximum of 12 students work in pairs with an experienced and qualified music educator who observes and assists each student. Progress is measured, with individualized program objectives and student-by-student tracking.

Dynamic Learning

MusIQ Club makes use of specialized software and MIDI keyboards. These interactive tools facilitate group classes and provide an excellent resource for quality practice at home. With the mobile music lab, MusIQ Club can take place anywhere there are tables and a power outlet.

Results Focus

MusIQ Club is an ideal background for Orchestral and Jazz band programs. Students will read music fluently, play an instrument with both hands, and understand concepts integral to reading, playing, and improvising music.

Thorough Approach

MusIQ Club also emphasizes listening and responding to music, developing a diverse repertoire of music, and music history. Participants are both turned onto music and equipped with the tangible, lifelong skills needed to create and improvise.

Seamless, Easy Adoption

The MusIQ Club Program Director manages registrations, ensures program quality, and communicates with you and parents. MusIQ Club does not require your time or management and places no additional burden on the resources of your school.

With sufficient interest MusIQ Club can be operating within weeks. To start a MusIQ Club at your school, call toll-free 1.888.999.6434

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