Levels & Software

If you're unsure about your child's level, ask their teacher. The subscription includes the practice software for all levels.

My First MusIQ Club (Pre-school)
Level 1, 2, 3, 4: Children's Music Journey Vol. 1

Beginner MusIQ Club (Primary/Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)
Level 1A, 1B: Children's Music Journey Vol. 1
Level 2A, 2B, 2C: Children's Music Journey Vol. 2
Level 3A, 3B, 3C: Children's Music Journey Vol. 3

MusIQ Club (3rd Grade and up)
Level 1 through 12: Piano Suite Premier

Need Help?

If you have any issues with the install please email support@adventus.com or our technical support team at 1-888-999-6434.

Please ensure you provide details including keyboard model, computer operating system, and the actions that produced the issue, and any related message. When calling technical support please ensure you are in front of the computer and keyboard.

Software Installation

Updated November 11, 2013

Congratulations, your MusIQ Club registration now includes a 90-day license to the award-winning MusIQ Club practice software by Adventus. With the software and a MIDI keyboard your child can practice at home, every day!

Please follow the directions below carefully.

1. Downloading & Installing the Software

Windows/Macintosh Instructions

  1. Immediately following registration you will be sent an email with links to download the software. If not, check your Junk or Trash folder.
  2. Save this e-mail. It contains your Product Serial Number and future software downloads.
  3. Click the link of the software your child is using in class (see sidebar).
  4. Save the download file on your computer, noting the folder location.
  5. When the download is complete, locate the file and double click to install.
  6. Follow the install instructions.
  7. The first time you run the software enter your Product Serial Number.
  8. You may see an error message after you enter the serial number. If you do, simply restart the software, and it will not occur a second time.

2. Connecting the Piano Keyboard

  1. Close all programs before connecting the keyboard (otherwise the software will not recognize the keyboard).
  2. Connect the keyboard to the computer with the USB -or- 'MIDI to USD' cable.
  3. Turn ON the keyboard.
  4. *If you purchased an M-Audio KeyRig49 through MusIQ Club, do not install the keyboard driver software.

3. Sound Set-up in Children's Music Journey

  1. The first time you run CMJ, click on New. You do not need to enter a password.
  2. Select a user from the list and click Login.
  3. On the main page, click the picture of the Wrenches on the bottom right corner.
  4. Click Sound Set Up.
  5. In Midi Output, choose your computerís software synthesizer, such as Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth or QuickTime Synthesis.
  6. In Midi Input, choose your keyboard. Choose USB Audio Device or Keyrig 49, or your own keyboard.
  7. Exit that window and then click Apply. You're ready to practice!
  8. On the main window, the center button opens the Lesson Room. Have your child work through the lesson and then go to the Practice Room and Game Rooms. The teacher will explain all the rooms to your child during class and they will become very comfortable navigating the program.
  9. For information on other areas of the program, consult the User Manual installed with the software.

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