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Students come running to the room."

Programs can be easily individualized."

Students remain engaged, with interest in progress quickly replacing their interest in something new."

The learning tools are very flexible and comprehensive."

Students are actively engaged."

Every child should be so lucky as to have regular exposure to the tools."

For Teachers

MusIQ Club is an enriched, multi-level, afterschool music program for students in primary/ kindergarten through Junior High/ middle school. Featuring group and self-paced activities, MusIQ Club is an unprecedented music learning opportunity for your students.

Value for You and Your Students

MusIQ Club programs are aligned with national standards and public music curriculum objectives. There is a primary focus on reading, understanding, and playing music, as well as improvisation and composition. Secondary objectives include; listening and responding to music, developing a diverse repertoire of music, and music history. MusIQ Club programs are easily individualized and each student's progress is measured.

MusIQ Club is an ideal background for Orchestral and Jazz band programs. Students will read music fluently, play an instrument with both hands, and understand concepts integral to reading, playing, and improvising music.

MusIQ Club offers students the advantages of a concentrated instrumental music program that typically cannot be provided at a similar level in a day program. Supplemental use of the MusIQ Club tools may offer enrichment to a day pogram.

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