"I bet that a lot of youngsters will enjoy using the program, without realizing that they are having ‘music lessons". -Janet Dowsett, Yamaha Club Magazine

"Gets to the heart of how music is learned…a simpler and more effective way to develop a musical sense that will last." -The New York Times

"I have been in a teaching situation with people from ages 7-78… Piano Suite is for everyone. Piano Suite can certainly stand alone as a teaching tool for motivated learners. Piano Suite is a true learning experience for all users…one of the most sophisticated, comprehensive and useful learning programs we have seen." -LearningVillage.com

"Music is a very powerful stimulus to learning. We’ve seen in a number of studies that learning keyboard develops spatial reasoning skills in kids. Every child should have the benefit of the experience of some serious learning in music. The software itself is pretty comprehensive when you think about learning experiences and curriculum for music.” -James Catterall, Professor of Education, UCLA

Sacred Heart School of Halifax

My son is currently enrolled in the MusIQ program at Sacred Heart. He is only 4 years old and wanted to get him involved in learning music and the program has been beyond my expectations.

Right from the start, the support provided by ?MusIQ Club Director Joe Shaw has been outstanding. He answered all my questions patiently and even delivered this great keyboard to my door. The instructor Jesse is extremely personable and easy to approach. You can tell he has passion for music and Joshua is always excited to be with him after school on Mondays. Having the class right at school as after school program is thoughtful and extremely convenient for us busy parents.

I can see Joshua’s progress at home when I have the chance to experience with him this amazing program that is very comprehensive. He learns all elements of music from the masters (Back, Beethoven and I am sure many more) in a very clever software that is a lot of fun for both child and parent.

I hope that Joshua continues to grow with the program until its completion.

Thank you so much for offering an amazing product and service.

Steven Claveau, CCDP
MusIQ Club Parent
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Atlantic Memorial Elementary

We offer MusIQ Club over the noon hour on two different days at our school. The children cannot wait for their day. They are 100% engaged from the moment they enter the class.

The MusIQ Club instructor is phenomenal and so in touch with each of the student’s progress and abilities. The children leave at the end of the class wishing they had more time! The dynamic software engages the students and captivates their interest while enriching their musical abilities.

As a Principal, offering this program in my school was made so easy by the MusIQ Club Director, Joe Shaw. All parent inquiries, registration and payments were handled directly with MusIQ Club. This made it that much more inviting for us to offer the program.

Thank you Joe! We will definitely offer our students this opportunity again!

Lana Smith
Principal, Atlantic Memorial Elementary, Terence Bay School

Truro Elementary School

After finishing the first session of MusIQ Club at Truro Elementary School, I wanted to share my experience as the instructor.

By offering an after school program, Adventus has given students the opportunity to use a keyboard in a small group setting while learning music theory that is transferable to any instrument. I was amazed at how engaged students were during the duration of this program! Adventus allows students to show they are able to play the keyboard and begin to read music after only a few short hours!

My favorite part about teaching MusIQ club was simple- it was fun! When students hear "Music History" they may think it will be boring. However, this technology provides a fun way to learn about many composers, styles of music and theory.

I fully support using MusIQ Club and the Adventus software in schools to further music education.

Karen Rutledge
Truro Elementary School
Music Teacher

Westmount Elementary has been offering MusIQ Club since 2008 for grades P-6. Below are two testimonies from MusIQ Club parents.

Our daughter has greatly enjoyed being part of the MusIQ program. She started this program when she was in daycare and continued it through elementary school. She loves attending the class right after school and we find the time and location very convenient.

The teacher is very accomplished and also easy to speak with. We enjoy receiving the online updates about the class, and our daughter also loves to be able to practice her lessons at home. We plan on continuing this program into the future.

Tanya Jones
Westmount School

My daughters have been going to MusIQ Club for one year, and they love it! They enjoy the instructors they work with on a regular basis. Having it afterschool makes it very convenient for all of us. They go directly to the program at the end of the school, and afterwards they go on to their after school program.

The program includes the software that we can use at home to practice. It’s been impressive and a real treat to watch the girls knowledge of music grow. They've been practicing each week on the piano at home.

I highly recommend the program to anyone and we will continue to participate.

Sherry J Dogra
Westmount School

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